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[Commission] Spreading Her Wings by Ottter
3 images, 13507 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
"When she ordered a shady serum from the internet, she wasn't sure what she was getting into. As her hands started to crack and stretch, fur spreading along her body, she was pretty sure she had the right one. But when she knocked over the box and read the warning of permanence… she looked at her wings in a different light…"
Commission: Did not read the contract by Fringedog
4 images, 17280 views, 132 favorites, 8 comments
Commission for Spacix! Now complete!
cat by NNBTK
2 images, 11828 views, 137 favorites, 15 comments
redoing old pics, there are a couple more i wanna hit should i take the other one down?
Sweet Release by Narubi
6909 views, 95 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for a user on FA ^^
Vaccinated by Edthebordercollie
9247 views, 60 favorites, 12 comments
Be careful administering those rabies shots, you just might need a tag for yourself.
Mutant Parasitic Rodents from SPACE by Comic
2 images, 23311 views, 135 favorites, 10 comments
Learned some new digital coloring tricks and I wanted to test them out. Attempted a sort of semi-translucent material. Plus some one commented wanting to see this in color so killed two birds with one stone.
Livestream doodle #27 by Tgwonder
6167 views, 37 favorites, 0 comments
When sciences tried to make a Griffin. :V
Werewolf TF by V
5 images, 40676 views, 210 favorites, 33 comments
Finished! I'm sorry for the long wait guys, await for more TF goodness now my University's done for the summer time. ^.=.^ Also, if your coming to ConFuzzled in the UK look out my art piece in the auction, I'll be under V so give us a howl! P.S. I apologise for any "mistakes" I'll be heavily improving over the summer time. @.=.@
Self Reflection by Splice
18433 views, 152 favorites, 10 comments
Best viewed in first person. [Port from FA]
Orange Serum by Tharakaos
14070 views, 160 favorites, 2 comments
A little injection, and teefy goodness ensues!