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Jackal Priestess by Jakkal
3 images, 7709 views, 101 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @shaytalis of their character getting turned into a jackal after putting on some cursed jewelry she found during a temple raid.
Inbetween Worlds by ArcticFFFox
7662 views, 77 favorites, 3 comments
The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games never show the player what happens to their game selves while being transported to the Pokémon world. Following a bright flash from his 3DS screen and a vivid falling sensation, this guy gets to experience it firsthand. Lucario TF commission!
Power of Anubis by Weazel75
7621 views, 29 favorites, 2 comments
Most of my images do in fact involve anthros. I'm working on improving my humans, but these guys are sort of my "comfort zone".
Anubissmash by Justinfox
6109 views, 44 favorites, 0 comments
commission for foxlightning
The collar by Sa_no
3892 views, 44 favorites, 1 comment
'W..what? take it off!" long time no see full shade pic! Commission