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Apex by Angrboda
4 images, 80302 views, 870 favorites, 27 comments
Four page sequence for Fuego. Girl > jaguar girl.
cheljaguar by Mirandaleigh
20081 views, 245 favorites, 9 comments
Turning into a jaguar..
Mugsy's Bad Day by Comic
3 images, 36910 views, 229 favorites, 19 comments
It's been killing me that I haven't been able to get a comic out for you guys, so I started this a few weeks ago and that big hurricane closed my school a few days so I had a chance to get it done. Been trying to work out how to color correct my watercolor on the computer, so sorry if this is a little off putting. I'd appreciate any advice. This takes place the evening after meeting the dino lady
Jag Pasture by Juanvaldez
44806 views, 228 favorites, 22 comments
I still cant help myself...
a halloween operation by blackshirtboy
18090 views, 210 favorites, 6 comments
Happy Halloween, everyone!
richard by Arania
7 images, 124597 views, 170 favorites, 17 comments
And here we have Richard, an elderly man who proved to be a thorn in Moreau's side when he focused his popular expose blog site on Feral Labs CEO Moreau himself. Brought to the island and subject to one of the more ... experimental serums - another combination serum designed after a displacer beast, and transgender at that. There is also a comic commissioned showing the last transformation as he goes from 75%-100%. This is the only high-detail style comic I've done. This is the last of the c...
Commission-Jaguar TF Sequence by Fringedog
5 images, 19277 views, 154 favorites, 4 comments
Color sketches commission for Siegmar
STF c by Juanvaldez
78231 views, 140 favorites, 16 comments
Get the title? Ah well, I may just move it to sketches.
jaguar by Currerbell
17755 views, 89 favorites, 5 comments
Took some classics courses this spring, and was a bit inspired by Euripides' "Bacchae"--Dionysius gives one of his followers a little makeover ;-)
[Commission] Jaguar Idol by Ottter
5 images, 12116 views, 69 favorites, 8 comments
My first actual comic! Holy shit! This was a very tough piece to work on, but I'd say that I learned a lot from it.