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jamesaroo by Flinters
15872 views, 117 favorites, 4 comments
Foxyrootaur by SK-roo
5 images, 22024 views, 46 favorites, 1 comment
OK, What's the difference between a foxtaur and a kangaroo? the hindlegs are the same size for a start .
AustraliaDay by Ealadubh
12600 views, 35 favorites, 0 comments
A holiday with side effects.
LandDownUnder by Foxx
10669 views, 69 favorites, 3 comments
okay, so I heard the song on the radio and I couldn't get it outta my head, sue me. =P *hums*
roodude by Ealadubh
7690 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Just a random roo TF, more or less.
nm-outbackTF by Tincrash
10151 views, 29 favorites, 2 comments
Here is a waiter at my favorite place to eat becoming the resturant mascot!
tennis by Ealadubh
7 images, 15996 views, 46 favorites, 2 comments
Roo by Foxx
5656 views, 27 favorites, 0 comments
a step up from my previous kangaroo attempt.