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rooformation- by Flinters
20147 views, 175 favorites, 12 comments
Just a random rooformation pic. No reason for it. It could happen at any time to anyone. Walk down the street, feel your pants getting tighter and BOOM! Rooformed.
A Halloween Bash by Tgwonder
23573 views, 160 favorites, 2 comments
yep, happens to be a ordinary costume party, but i don't recall having female guests thou. :V
Kangaroo Boxing Match by Trevor_Fox
6 images, 14920 views, 157 favorites, 13 comments
I get into a little fight! But I lose the match, my humanity, and my current sex.
D-e by SentR
36688 views, 157 favorites, 12 comments
Not much more i can say then just look at it.
'Roo'nd Outfit by Sutibaru
10138 views, 151 favorites, 7 comments
underroos by Flinters
35828 views, 145 favorites, 3 comments
Form-fitting underroos underwear
Side Effects of Aborigina by Fenchurch
16297 views, 141 favorites, 13 comments
Hello Transfur! Please accept my apologies for a stilted start as I try to get the hang of things! To start with, a kangaroo TF! A student of Aboriginal legends finds herself becoming a new one herself...
Tranformation and its benefits - Kangaroo by Nisharu
11321 views, 126 favorites, 5 comments
An unlucky (or a lucky) boy was turned into a kangaroo with a large rear, typical of the specie.
nm-toomanyjumps by Tincrash
21030 views, 124 favorites, 8 comments
Too Many Jumps 2: The Bouncening
Fen Fursuit by Fenchurch
29835 views, 123 favorites, 4 comments
I've been on a merging/costuming TF kick, recently. I know this is kind of a minority TF idea to draw, but I drew a couple of pics I really liked in this vein, like this one, and thought I'd share them. :-3 This is kind of a double TF, as a certain lioness has been turned into a fursuit, and Zho, on putting her on, finds himself turning into a lioness himself!