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Class Magic tf by Heezy
28186 views, 123 favorites, 13 comments
I tried to do more of a "poof" transformation rather than a gradual one. Hope you like it. When Jimmy's magic trick for his class failed, it turned out it actually worked, and he hasn't even realize it yet.
jamesaroo by Flinters
16081 views, 117 favorites, 4 comments
ShinAkiraCommission by BlackRat
16638 views, 116 favorites, 9 comments
Black and white commission for ShinAkira.
Lostcat461 Roo TF by Binturongboy
10252 views, 113 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for Lostcat461 on FA. I love kangaroo tf
nm-toomanyjumps by Tincrash
26621 views, 112 favorites, 9 comments
Woman transforming into a Roo "Too many jumps"
newroo by Flinters
24290 views, 111 favorites, 1 comment
Kangaroo tf by Heezy
13399 views, 106 favorites, 13 comments
Kangaroo's are interesting, so here's a tf of one. I didn't try to make it green, it sort just came out that way. :) And in case your wondering how I drew this (like I always used to), I did it all in Sketchbook Pro.
Human, I'll bet he was going to say human by Artist-Guy
2 images, 25042 views, 106 favorites, 10 comments
Oldie but I still love the style in this one. I really don't know what she's supposed to be. I'll say some sort of Kagaroo Rabbit. A Kabbit if you will. Wait.. that's taken. I think someone called her a Rabaroo once. I like that one. She is a rabaroo.
Rabbit Mask by Artist-Guy
12014 views, 104 favorites, 10 comments
The idea for this was originally conceived by an artist I saw on transfur: Mikhail. I believe it was just called rabbitmask. I remember seeing it around 2004 when I was still new to seeing TF online. I never knew the guy but this piece of his stood out to me for reasons I can't remember now. Fast forward to around 2005 or 2006 and Mikhail was off transfur and his work along with him. More time goes by (2010) and while browsing someones favourites on deviant art I notice something that looks a...
Tailsplosion! by Ciervo
8886 views, 103 favorites, 3 comments
Based on a quick sketch I did a couple months ago. Random guy find his shorts to be a tad small for his now appendage...