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Side Effects of Aborigina by Fenchurch
15887 views, 140 favorites, 13 comments
Hello Transfur! Please accept my apologies for a stilted start as I try to get the hang of things! To start with, a kangaroo TF! A student of Aboriginal legends finds herself becoming a new one herself...
Viva Zhonata by Zho
5049 views, 9 favorites, 6 comments
Filled with fun! Also, colours.
nm-joeyflyer tg ar by Tincrash
14154 views, 91 favorites, 8 comments
Man to age regressed kangaroo
rooformation- by Flinters
19767 views, 174 favorites, 12 comments
Just a random rooformation pic. No reason for it. It could happen at any time to anyone. Walk down the street, feel your pants getting tighter and BOOM! Rooformed.
nm-toomanyjumps by Tincrash
20650 views, 124 favorites, 8 comments
Too Many Jumps 2: The Bouncening
ShinAkiraCommission by BlackRat
16060 views, 115 favorites, 9 comments
Black and white commission for ShinAkira.
LaurenTransform by Maska
29405 views, 74 favorites, 8 comments
Lauren - An outback tomboy, she lived life for fun and nothing else. Then Baorgis ruined it all by abducting her and cursing her with lycanthropy of procoptodon, a prehistoric kangaroo. Of the five free by Tishessi, Lauren most keeps a positive attitude, but, though tough, she has dramatic mood swings from happiness to anger. But when it comes down to it, Lauren is quite a fighter, especially with the power of a procoptodon behind her. And while she hates Baorgis for what he did, of all of the...
nm-toomanyjumps by Tincrash
26248 views, 112 favorites, 9 comments
Woman transforming into a Roo "Too many jumps"
D-e by SentR
35822 views, 156 favorites, 12 comments
Not much more i can say then just look at it.
aussietf by KelvinTheLion
25259 views, 59 favorites, 4 comments
Fosters: Australian for transformation. (Also the first koala TF on Transfur!)