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Can't Outrun TF by Fazar
10345 views, 80 favorites, 6 comments
Run, run, as fast as you can, you'll still end up on all fours, I'm the TF man~ Commission for Andy of him turning into an Akita while trying to escape from Haurbus. Lighting is difficult, and I thought I could do better, but I didn't seem to be able to very well on this one.
New Pets by Demyxia
10296 views, 61 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for shatteredskyhusky of a guy being forced into a monstery, submissive pet for my Nega~ <3
Leash Training by Mearcu-hound
9360 views, 109 favorites, 3 comments
A soon to be well trained German shepherd for the kennels
Magic Leash by Fazar
7256 views, 58 favorites, 1 comment
Commission I had done up of a gentleman turning into a GSD via collar/leash.
Foxes For Sale by Fazar
7131 views, 63 favorites, 4 comments
Part of my little fun idea of an exotic pet farm TFing people into foxes and selling them off as new pets. I get to play with interesting colour morphs for the foxes. We almost have a finished Pastel Cross Fox for sale soon here by the looks of it :)
kaiken by Edthebordercollie
6896 views, 66 favorites, 5 comments
wasn't sure how the brindle markings were gonna turn out, not too bad I guess.
Walkies by Gryphius
6783 views, 94 favorites, 1 comment
It's the simple things in life.
Saluki TF by TigrisG
5734 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
A quad saluki gets best in show, only to transform into an anthro once the ribbon touches her neck. A commission for ehh123
Fox collar TF by Sa_no
4837 views, 67 favorites, 3 comments
leashed2 by Edthebordercollie
4775 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
Black lab.