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hanging with the hula dancers by Angrboda
43226 views, 316 favorites, 5 comments
dude > lemur girl. (commission) No warnings this time :P
ShowroomGirls by PickleJuice
18224 views, 36 favorites, 10 comments
Foxx's friend commissioned this piece for a birthday present last year. (I think it was Firr - but I don't remember! Argh!) Done in Foxx's style. The two lovely girls are getting changed into cars.
marykebillydoodle by Bilious
12252 views, 7 favorites, 7 comments
Yet another classroom doodle- Maryke (wh's 25% through her transformation into a ruffed lemur) and 75% octopus Billy teasing eachother. There is hate between them, you just know it. If I get the tiem to color this one, I'll move the lineart version to sketches.
frinked by Ealadubh
9602 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Lemur TF for Foxx.
FrinkSoda by Foxx
8629 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
all new improved Frink! Soda - with new grape flavour. heheheh..