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Fen Fursuit by Fenchurch
28614 views, 122 favorites, 4 comments
I've been on a merging/costuming TF kick, recently. I know this is kind of a minority TF idea to draw, but I drew a couple of pics I really liked in this vein, like this one, and thought I'd share them. :-3 This is kind of a double TF, as a certain lioness has been turned into a fursuit, and Zho, on putting her on, finds himself turning into a lioness himself!
liontf by Sola84
12363 views, 121 favorites, 9 comments
Hakuna Matata!
The Island by Splice
10569 views, 119 favorites, 7 comments
Nobody leaves the Island.
liondudecolor by Kuma
23145 views, 117 favorites, 7 comments
My first coloring attempt. I have to give a ton of credit to Lars for giving me helpfull tips and overall showing me on how to work the program.
rftbt by PickleJuice
7 images, 40805 views, 115 favorites, 27 comments
With apolagies to BW, Alvin and Dobbes and the transmogrifying spritz bottle do battle! Artist Challenge complete!
Theos Cowout by Daniel-kay
3 images, 25103 views, 114 favorites, 7 comments
Mardi Gras by Swatcher
21996 views, 104 favorites, 14 comments
I've grown a costume to your face!
lioness tf by Arania
5 images, 56166 views, 104 favorites, 11 comments
A Schoolgirl to Lioness anthro transformation ^^. This is a commission sequence I did recently that I will be coloring in the relative near future.
Lionade by Kuma
21698 views, 99 favorites, 7 comments
A pic I did for an art trade, and my second coloring attempt. BTW I uploaded the black and white version to my sketches.
[Commission]Caela by Ridia
10519 views, 97 favorites, 5 comments
A completed single character simple color commission! This was a very fun lady to work with. She's an inventor in the commissioner's story. :D ©2015