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We Three by Everard
13164 views, 60 favorites, 8 comments
A chimera, partly formed. I like to imagine they all started off as a single individual, with all the same memories, only to be shaped by their differing instincts and...positions in the body hierarchy.
The Island by Splice
10640 views, 120 favorites, 7 comments
Nobody leaves the Island.
Rwar by Tgwonder
8647 views, 45 favorites, 0 comments
Rawr! :v <3 ~tgwonder
Surprise! by Mrpersonperson
10160 views, 91 favorites, 6 comments
Aren't unexpected lioness TF's a nice surprise?
Theos Cowout by Daniel-kay
3 images, 25235 views, 114 favorites, 7 comments
French Soldier by Wrathofautumn
6 images, 20820 views, 47 favorites, 10 comments
Commission for Emil Wolf. A French Soldier patrolling the Sahara Desert comes across a holy artifact and then stuff gets serious! 6/6 Complete! The changes are finally finished! The new soldier holds his sword high, ready to challenge those who'll stand in his way.
Don't Look, I'm Changing! by Swatcher
7953 views, 31 favorites, 8 comments
Here's a portrait of my friend Flir about halfway to becoming a rubber lion. Unlike with Gryf, his transformation takes place in a whimsical land of bright colors. This kinda transformation is very pleasant. His skin texture has changed, and his hair has solidified into a sculpted mass. Every time he wants to change a little more, all he has to do is clear his mind of any non-feline thoughts. Before long, he'll be romping about on all fours and staring longingly out of windows. This pic is...
Cobalt Kimera TF by Cobalt_K
3 images, 22064 views, 85 favorites, 15 comments
I've used a cat/lion fursona for about six years, and lately I've decided it's time for a change. And what better way to signal a change of fursonas than by having one TF into the other? The new fursona is a mix of human and goat, with a splash of lion remnants. The crazy goatee braid was inspired by my penchant for drawing beards on my goat girls. Seems only fair to "suffer" a goatee myself!
Lion to Bunny TF transformation by Tincrash
6 images, 18313 views, 75 favorites, 6 comments
A commission for Theo Winters
TeamSpirit by PedestrianWolf
3 images, 39267 views, 255 favorites, 21 comments
A commission of a couple tfing into an anthro cheetah and lion. At the World Cup in Africa of course. ;)