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Red Zipper Green Zipper by Swatcher
16524 views, 69 favorites, 12 comments
These things are flying off the shelves!
LittleSecret by CaliforniaKitFox
29399 views, 66 favorites, 4 comments
How Leona's little secret came to light
lionguy by Kuma
14721 views, 65 favorites, 8 comments
Simple drawing of guy beginning to turn into a lion. I might make this into a small sequence later on
shifter by Jakkal
19927 views, 64 favorites, 4 comments
I dunno what he's turning into, but he sure doesn't want anything to happen to that SHIRT!
We Three by Everard
13080 views, 60 favorites, 8 comments
A chimera, partly formed. I like to imagine they all started off as a single individual, with all the same memories, only to be shaped by their differing instincts and...positions in the body hierarchy.
Werewear by Hukeng
3 images, 7877 views, 60 favorites, 8 comments
Transformative animal hoodies! Because I am way too fond of this silly idea. Title suggested by Luciusappaloosius (
Tiny TFs by Hukeng
2 images, 10541 views, 59 favorites, 4 comments
I´m drawing a lot of very tiny, sketchy things lately. This being me, a good chunk of it is TF, of course. That´s about as simple and stylized as my character art can get. What do you people think of it?
misctf by Jakkal
20307 views, 58 favorites, 1 comment
Random TF related Doodles
Sphynx by CaliforniaKitFox
19394 views, 58 favorites, 6 comments
The sphynx Alyssa has the ability to transform herself into a giant lioness in less than a minute whenever she's threatened, or provoked into a high state of emotion. The word is, "never make her mad."
lioness by MageOmega
11039 views, 56 favorites, 0 comments
More play on the muzzles and facial expressions..also now inked!