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Werewear by Hukeng
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Transformative animal hoodies! Because I am way too fond of this silly idea. Title suggested by Luciusappaloosius (
misctf by Jakkal
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Random TF related Doodles
Sphynx by CaliforniaKitFox
19818 views, 62 favorites, 6 comments
The sphynx Alyssa has the ability to transform herself into a giant lioness in less than a minute whenever she's threatened, or provoked into a high state of emotion. The word is, "never make her mad."
We Three by Everard
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A chimera, partly formed. I like to imagine they all started off as a single individual, with all the same memories, only to be shaped by their differing instincts and...positions in the body hierarchy.
Kat's begining by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Kat, a chimeric character of mine, was 'created' upon writing her name in a book. She can't remember her old life, just that she was originally human. She's from a world similar to the real world where true anthromorphic creatures are not exactly something you see on the street corner. She is part tiger, part lion, and part dragon. Her stripes glow.
Tiny TFs by Hukeng
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I´m drawing a lot of very tiny, sketchy things lately. This being me, a good chunk of it is TF, of course. That´s about as simple and stylized as my character art can get. What do you people think of it?
Lion tf by Manto
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I don't even know what emotion is this as I first imagined it as a casual shapeshifter yawn
Just Add Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Some illustrations I did for a short story by Portaljaguar2 on FA. Read it here:
lioness by MageOmega
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More play on the muzzles and facial expressions..also now inked!
aw-werelion by AlphaWolf
18564 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
Inspired by GoldenMane's great lion TF sequence