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Lion tf by Manto
4628 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
I don't even know what emotion is this as I first imagined it as a casual shapeshifter yawn
aw-werelion by AlphaWolf
17927 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Inspired by GoldenMane's great lion TF sequence
Just Add Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
7083 views, 53 favorites, 1 comment
Some illustrations I did for a short story by Portaljaguar2 on FA. Read it here:
grimlionc by Skychaser
10549 views, 51 favorites, 5 comments
"Now the lion was an enchanted Prince, who was a lion by day, and all his followers were lions too; but by night they resumed their human form." - Grimm's Fairy Tales: The Lady and the Lion
TF Clinic : Sam by Urbanvixen
11898 views, 50 favorites, 7 comments
TF content to follow. But with voting closing in just a few hours, Sam seems to be winning the Vote for this month's treatment :) Find out more about her at
Starglass by Wrathofautumn
18505 views, 48 favorites, 34 comments
This is a further pitch for my game. Star Glass is now very close to completion, very, very close...all that's required is some beta testing for bugs. If there are any volunteers willing to test it, speak with me on aim or msn. Hehe. These are just samples of what your character can be. :3
OSC: Suddenly Sabretooth by Jakkal
6221 views, 48 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for lostcat461 of his character changing into a sabretoothed lion (American Lion) Of his design.
French Soldier by Wrathofautumn
6 images, 20746 views, 46 favorites, 10 comments
Commission for Emil Wolf. A French Soldier patrolling the Sahara Desert comes across a holy artifact and then stuff gets serious! 6/6 Complete! The changes are finally finished! The new soldier holds his sword high, ready to challenge those who'll stand in his way.
Alvin And Dobbes by GrandStorm
10555 views, 45 favorites, 5 comments
Based on picklejuice 's wonderful parody comic he has running on his web comic Subject to Change. Recently Alvin and Dobbes started switching places almost like that's how it always had been. Its just awesome twilight zone like fun and I love it! Subject to change can be found at:
Rwar by Tgwonder
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Rawr! :v <3 ~tgwonder