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Star Glass by Wrathofautumn
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This is a pitch for my next game, Star Glass. It's an adventure/puzzle game where you, The Traveller, obtain a mirror that takes you into a shattered world of anthroes. And not only that, but it changes you as well into one of the natives. As soon as you get there, you're trapped inside, and have to find an alternate way back home. It's a game where the story writes itself depending upon the configuration of your character. The puzzles shall require a basic knowledge of geometry and whatnot, so ...
lioness by MageOmega
10947 views, 56 favorites, 0 comments
More play on the muzzles and facial expressions..also now inked!
trap door by Birvan
10229 views, 16 favorites, 6 comments
This would likely happen to someone with a newly grown tail XD
Birvantrade by Bilious
16908 views, 24 favorites, 11 comments
Part of an art trade with my friend Birvan- his character who has the unfortunate fate to turn into a genetic monstrocity that resembles a manticore!
LittleSecret by CaliforniaKitFox
29230 views, 66 favorites, 4 comments
How Leona's little secret came to light
Sphynx by CaliforniaKitFox
19251 views, 58 favorites, 6 comments
The sphynx Alyssa has the ability to transform herself into a giant lioness in less than a minute whenever she's threatened, or provoked into a high state of emotion. The word is, "never make her mad."
PageFin by Jakkal
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This is page 1 of a human to gryphon transformation sequence that Sigmarr, a good and patient friend of mine, commissioned. Ever think that your life isn't as it should be? That fate has taken the wrong path? Ever stare at the clouds in the sky ... and kn
Lionade by Kuma
21565 views, 98 favorites, 7 comments
A pic I did for an art trade, and my second coloring attempt. BTW I uploaded the black and white version to my sketches.
liondudecolor by Kuma
23002 views, 116 favorites, 7 comments
My first coloring attempt. I have to give a ton of credit to Lars for giving me helpfull tips and overall showing me on how to work the program.
liontf by SabretoothedErmine
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