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Arm lick by Splice
7550 views, 85 favorites, 2 comments
A rather standard type of lion tf image.
Just Add Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
7528 views, 57 favorites, 1 comment
Some illustrations I did for a short story by Portaljaguar2 on FA. Read it here:
LionJaws by Foxx
7115 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
Bit of a different style of finishing this one off, which I do use on occasion. A bit of an attempt at a feline that worked out in my favor (this is the second try). So yeah. I got the inspirational juices flowing, it seems. =P
Halloween 2013 Raffle Prize - Richie by Eccentricchimera
6924 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
And here's another picture from last year's Halloween Raffle, this time with Richie being transformed into a Lion costume!
What to Watch by Swatcher
6712 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
The media we consume tends to become a part of us, in all sorts of ways. What should we put on next?
Lion Tree by Teamtamas
6543 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
More plant TF yay ^__^
OSC: Suddenly Sabretooth by Jakkal
6462 views, 49 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for lostcat461 of his character changing into a sabretoothed lion (American Lion) Of his design.
Leonine by Faolchu
5936 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
A lion rampant :-)
Lion Knight by Hukeng
5443 views, 37 favorites, 3 comments
A plucky little footman and volunteer beast warrior.
Tread Carefully by Ametf
5380 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Oddoxout on FA.