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Ryu to Ria :com: by LanceNightingale
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Someone is touching something they shouldn't
Commission- Thunderlion TF by Fringedog
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Another Commission for Tigerboyjayce
Lion Prince by Fenchurch
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Done in an OC session as a suggestion from Fernin to draw a critter with a Prince of Persia aesthetic. Sorry it's a bit unclear, but this chap's magic power isn't going back in time, but turning to a big ol' lion anthro. The trailing bits to the right are just flare coming off his sash belt because I thought they looked pretty, and the deal with his exposed leg is that as he changes, his clothes are meant to evaporate to leave him in his bestial form! :3
What to Watch by Swatcher
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The media we consume tends to become a part of us, in all sorts of ways. What should we put on next?
Meanwhile in a Serengeti park by Ichihara-chan
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Seems like there's a new administrator in the Serengeti park who happns to be proficient in magic and has his own vision on how to preserve the park's wildlife AND traditional lifestyle. Aother in-stream commission for Ehh123 on FA. You want one? I'm always open for commissions!
Lucky Visitor by Taitora
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Congrats! You're our lucky visitor! You just won your own exhibit. Raffle prize for Treburg on FA.
Dynamistake by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Macro march is a thing. Dynamaxing pokemon is a thing. So have a luxray tf doodle.  I haven't played the game, but my roommate has and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to pull the pokemon back into the ball before dynamaxing it....also not just drop it halfway through.
LionJaws by Foxx
7389 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
Bit of a different style of finishing this one off, which I do use on occasion. A bit of an attempt at a feline that worked out in my favor (this is the second try). So yeah. I got the inspirational juices flowing, it seems. =P
pazzia by Luciusappaloosius
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Mscgts by CaliforniaKitFox
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Rule #6 - Never Show Off