Liquid Latex

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Latex Predator by Weazel75
6027 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
Giving a proper sequence to an older image set of mine.
Panda Badge by Tonde
9621 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
request from PandaParty in FurAffinity. he wear fursona badge.
Black Latex by Weazel75
2 images, 6501 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Suggested to me during a stream.
Goolien TF(Kerberos) by Kaju
3 images, 22740 views, 136 favorites, 14 comments
Goolien (Goo+Alien)
Alien Soldier Goo TF(Dinosaur type) by Kaju
3 images, 19625 views, 123 favorites, 7 comments
1.UFO is showered in slime man. Slime as alive, and covered the man. 2.Slime came to the cocoon. Machine is mounted on his back. The change machine is making his body. 3.Man was transformed into a figure like dinosaur. He increases the fellow as alien soldier.
dragon goo tf by Kaju
5785 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
old art(2011)
Dragon latex tf (birthdaygift) by Tomek1000
7176 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Hi all here is birthday gift for :iconhelixjack: his tf into black dragon XD coz he like latex suit tf i chosed to make this for his as gift on birthday i hope he will like it
Blue Rubber Otter TF by Kaju
2 images, 17299 views, 89 favorites, 2 comments
commission art
Dragon latex TF(commission art) by Kaju
16616 views, 133 favorites, 9 comments
commission art. Please look from right.
The Shift by Dragonmanmike
5550 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
Okay I have to start off I simply love the symbiote characters from the marvel universe, but what if they weren't evil. What if they wanted to use thier powers to help people. well it looks like this wolf, no name yet, has gotten one of these. All she has to do is call the symbiote and it covers her head to toe giving her amazing shapeshifting powers Little fun drawing I doodled today while watching TV