Liquid Latex

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Experiment One: Ree by Demyxia
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In my studies, I've come across a number of interesting humanoid reactions to my potions. However, none have perplexed me quite to the extent of dear experiment, Ree. Ree is was a fairly average human, no known magical abilities or anything that marked him as different from the norm. However, when subjected to a simple transformative element, acquired a rather peculiar new sort of exterior that was fairly similar to the slime spewed out by the magical horrors. Due to this most unforeseen and cur...
Donkey Paint Fore by Zho
10805 views, 54 favorites, 3 comments
I did this for a friend of mine. He loooooooooves being turned into a donkey
bath goo TF by Kaju
10422 views, 93 favorites, 1 comment
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Pedestal Trap by Tonde
10325 views, 49 favorites, 2 comments
Another Color Ver in FA ========================================= He stepped on the black shiny pedestal which distorted suddenly, a tendril coming out and catching his legs! His whole body was quickly wrapped in a similar glossy black rubber substance as the pedestal. The rubber melted his clothes while wrapping him before beginning to soak into the pores of his skin into his body. The cold rubber fused with his cells and began to change him. short story include in FA Page => http://www...
Kerberos gooTF by Kaju
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Dangerous experimental magic by KrazyKurt
10264 views, 68 favorites, 0 comments
- Something is wrong ... - Oh, this substance, that feels so weird... - And it spreads too quickly! I should quickly find a reverse spell... ...until it's not too late Be careful when you practice with some unknown magic. Some consequences of dat magic can be irreversible :3
Dragon latex tf (birthdaygift) by Tomek1000
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Hi all here is birthday gift for :iconhelixjack: his tf into black dragon XD coz he like latex suit tf i chosed to make this for his as gift on birthday i hope he will like it
Twitter bird goo TF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter Translation: @ ■■ _ ■■■ I transformed him. lol
Wolf goo TF by Kaju
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hybrid gooTF by Kaju
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