Liquid Latex

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Walt-Reindeer-G by PickleJuice
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Its dec the 19th and you answer an add online saying that Vixen the female anthro latex reindeer had broken her leg, and that Santa need a willing male to be changed into her replacement for the rest her life. The interview process goes well. You know of 8 other guys trying to get in, and you are happy to get chosen for the second round of interviews "This interview is with the costume." The elf says, presenting the shiny latex costume to you. it sounds a little strange, but you guess what he...
[commission]naga goo TF 2 by Kaju
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[commission]naga goo TF by Kaju
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Xguest by Kaju
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Tuppermaid by RushEloc
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Musta struck a raw nerve there. Late birthday gift for a friend.
Another Goo Friend by Robertge
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This subject is trying a new product in order to try and change his species. So far the results are going well. And no brainwashing involved! This is excellent results.
Dennytf by Zho
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Fore gets Toonified, and doesn't even remember being human! Denny sure is a fun loving elephant toon though ;)
Poodle Puddle by RushEloc
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I doubt this requires much explanation.
asian dragon slime transformation by Kaju
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1.A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in. 2.The slime covered his upper body. He struggles to escape, but the slime does not leave it. And I let his body change in quality. 3.His body grows like a snake. And he transformed himself into an Asian dragon. Finally the foot of the human being part who stayed is absorbed to slime. 4.The slime completely wrapped up his foot. He struggles to remove slime, but the slimes are not produced. And the tail grew, too. 5.The ...
Latex Skin Mermaid by Yapi
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Another mermaid commissioned by Phil Velasquez. This is his friend Jenn as a mermaid from the following story he provided that I will copy-paste for you enjoyment : "The story happens in the future. The sea water is raising at an alarming rate because of global warming! Scientists have decided to turn the human population into water breathing beings. Their chief scientist Jenn decides to experiment on herself by stealing the latex nano suit and heads out to the ocean one early day. ...