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The Green Ring by Fenchurch
17454 views, 150 favorites, 16 comments
The powerful green ring unleashes the form of it's previous owner, as Kala turns to a form resembling a desert lizard! And just before she was due to accept an award for her work in astronomy too...
ninascroll by PickleJuice
65486 views, 137 favorites, 8 comments
The scroll transforms. He didn't believe it, but tried it anyway. Woah.
Lizardman goo transformation by Kaju
2 images, 27829 views, 133 favorites, 13 comments
lizardtongue by Mirandaleigh
14077 views, 131 favorites, 21 comments
People ask me "Mir, why do you say "blar'?" Well, I have a speech impediment. It's the tongue. Definitely. =p BTW, not a self portrait what so ever lol, so no, you still don't know what I look like. =p
werelizard by Hyenashifter
14054 views, 131 favorites, 15 comments
Were-iguana? Eh, sure! Why the hell not? :)
Unexpected Transformation by Ykoriana
13531 views, 131 favorites, 5 comments
Poor girl... didn't see that coming... Yet another commission for the awesome adf.
Cassandra by Maska
10145 views, 128 favorites, 3 comments
Not story related. Trying to get back into the creative groove with a little random sketch. Cass couldn't bear to part with her beloved pet. Now they're together forever...
lizgirl-tf by Tania
27430 views, 116 favorites, 13 comments
Lizard girl (c) Tania Walker. Gift for a friend. She doesn't look too happy about her transformation, does she?
liz by TfProxy
17370 views, 112 favorites, 8 comments
Pleasing taste, some monsterism
When Godzilla Attacks by Nickwolf
28515 views, 112 favorites, 4 comments
Inspired by a conversation with Coyotoy. Some might recognize this from my FA, but a bit more green. This is the actual painted colors, and I for one like them a tad more. I can't remember why I changed them, oh well. Either way, blue or green, that guy is in for a ride.