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Live from the Scene by Swatcher
15473 views, 57 favorites, 6 comments
It was at this location that the strange monster was sighted... it seems as though mutagen may be involved somehow.
Night of the drake 201 colourised by KrazyIvan
14518 views, 82 favorites, 11 comments
As promised some colour this time
lizardtongue by Mirandaleigh
14031 views, 131 favorites, 21 comments
People ask me "Mir, why do you say "blar'?" Well, I have a speech impediment. It's the tongue. Definitely. =p BTW, not a self portrait what so ever lol, so no, you still don't know what I look like. =p
werelizard by Hyenashifter
13999 views, 131 favorites, 15 comments
Were-iguana? Eh, sure! Why the hell not? :)
2 images, 13963 views, 57 favorites, 2 comments
Sketch commission for dizfoley that i uh ended up getting a LITTLE carried away with and running outta room? He suggested a dude who was trying to turn himself into GODZILLA. I figured, what better than some sort of RADIOACTIVE ROCK. (he drops it in the second sketch. that's what is happening there. it is not clear, maybe.) And what better than things NOT GOING AS PLANNED? nothing. nothing is better than things not going as planned.
Living Costumes: Kaijuesque Vectors by Lucern7
13887 views, 77 favorites, 2 comments
Vectordragon is the first to become a veruzekin diplomat in my Living Costume series. He chose a Kaiju, form which was indeed a challenge for the costume, challenging but not impossible. You know what they say about vectors though, they're infinitely scalable, so he'll have plenty of practice. Find out how you could also become a diplomat here:
Unexpected Transformation by Ykoriana
13465 views, 131 favorites, 5 comments
Poor girl... didn't see that coming... Yet another commission for the awesome adf.
ltfpcluvonus by PickleJuice
13077 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
Paradigm Cluvonus Transforms! LTF universe. Saurian/eel cross with electric ability.
Torment of a Teetotaller by Lucern7
12977 views, 30 favorites, 4 comments
My entry for DA and Motherboard's Transformation contest. Likely a work I've poured more time and heart into than any other I've ever done so I hope it shows. The work represents personal struggle I've had all my life, not with alcoholism but absolute teetotalism. I've been exposed a lot of alcohol fueled abuse when I was young so I vowed never to drink, but I think now, perhaps, it was not the alcohol I should avoid but rather what drove man to become such a monster. I fear at times my de...
Wrong Injection [CM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Yowza. Big lizard lady transformation!