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The Lizard Stones- Lizard TF by Dondedun
3946 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
You think a practitioner of magic would have the common sense not to rest in a place called the Lizard Stones
Lizard Time - Chameleon TF by Dondedun
3803 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
That feeling when you're so embarrassed you become a chameleon and attempt to blend in with your surroundings
hybrid gooTF by Kaju
5597 views, 41 favorites, 2 comments
Request with Twitter
Ltflallen by PickleJuice
10414 views, 40 favorites, 5 comments
LTF Allen. This is the guy who started the LTF universe. I changed some of the shading on him in this pic. I think he looks better.
Something Scaley by Mxmaramoose
2236 views, 39 favorites, 2 comments
please enjoy a quick #TFTuesday sketch.... no clue what this poor sap is transforming into but its something scaley!
lizard by Faunus
9378 views, 35 favorites, 4 comments
An old one I thought was up here already. But apparently it wasn't. So it is now.
Big Lizard - Lizard TF by Dondedun
4 images, 10634 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Big Pharma's secret rival, Big Lizard
Lizard Shaped Pendant by Dondedun
2645 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Do not pick up a weird pendant shaped like a lizard unless you want to end up shaped like a lizard.
Latex Puddle Experiment by Thisismytauntbutton
4533 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Subject has stepped directly into puddle and will now face the consequences. Analysis: people never look where they're walking.
froggywentacourtincolor by Bilious
30554 views, 30 favorites, 10 comments
doodled durring class today- Poor Newt's not quite used to his froggish changes- when trying to invite fellow insectiverous islander Natsumi (who's turning into a web footed gecko) out on a date, the instinct to attract females the froggish way is just too strong for him to fight ToT