Mad Scientist

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Big Lizard - Lizard TF by Dondedun
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Big Pharma's secret rival, Big Lizard
Mad Sciencebus by Fazar
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Haurbus is never one to rely soley on things at least outwardly magical. Im sure he made a special magical potion and is just pretending though. Themed item for Convention conbook for TFF. Mad Science!
Halloween Anthology by blackshirtboy
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A couple pin-ups from my 2016 Halloween Anthology! You can see the whole thing for FREE here:
K-Suit Specs by K-Libra
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Would you wear one?
Water Lily by Niche
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Experiment 163-c: Three hours after injection, the subject is still functioning, and rather well. Better than I could have expected after previous tests. Target shows excellent development of traits of both A. mexicanum and the Nymphaeaceae group, although do to the aquatic nature I had to move her to a tank and continue supplying the substance in solvated form. Luckily, she is far enough along that her skin has become permeable to it, as well as the rhizoid projections currently growing from he...
Laboratories goo TF by Kaju
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Laboratories goo TF
Chibi Commission - NightDonk by Demyxia
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Commission for nightfirer of himself enduring an experiment by Silao (I believe) the donkey doc and being turned into a feral donkey~
Joining the Ranks by Kzmaster
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A broke college student looking to make a few bucks signed up for government sponsored program where he would be "generously" paid to tryout new medicines that would make the human body more physically durable and resistant to disease. He didn't think much of it at the time, afterall, all he had to do was show up, take a few pills or shots, get paid, and go home. After a number of tests and background checks he was finally administered the "vaccine" and put in a room, that seemed more and more l...
Testing Phase by Demyxia
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Initial tests were successful, the serum has taken well to the test subject. His highness will be pleased with the results, I'm certain. Commission for @Niche of them being experimented on and turned into a Mantis Shrimp monster via my Scientist, Savato
Novelty TF products by Kitsunefan
3 images, 12421 views, 99 favorites, 26 comments I am selling some novelty TF products here! Comment if youre interested, if you dont have an FA account you can message me here for one.