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[c] Lab Accident by Recurrent
2985 views, 28 favorites, 5 comments
A cel shaded commission with a background for MacDaRacc
Fancy Feast by frankenJade
4619 views, 51 favorites, 9 comments
Don't worry, some of that canned stuff is better than the microwave meals I ate in college
Transcale Drake by Zhaolong
2122 views, 22 favorites, 5 comments
I decided to honor the Drake with my first contribution to Transfur. Drake is an archaic word for Dragon and came to be described in many different ways over time. Some have believed that Drakes were immature Western Dragons, but other accounts refer to them as a separate kind of wingless Western Dragon and often in a bipedal stance. Drakes in human culture are rarely depicted these days but can still be found carved on older buildings. Hopefully the future will bring a resurgence of Drakes as m...
[c] Magical Swirls by Recurrent
2 images, 3026 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
A three stage, cel shaded TF sequence for Hukaulaba
Unicorn TF 3: Big Baby by Luciusappaloosius
3572 views, 26 favorites, 3 comments
So, he's now permanently a unicorn: but look on the bright side, as Circe says! 7@=e
Beugul Commission by BengalBoy
2828 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Beugul (Twitter)
Hansfaffing Commission by BengalBoy
2073 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Hansfaffing (Twitter)
Alyusterwolf Commission by BengalBoy
2892 views, 41 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Alysterwolf (Twitter)
Night Fury TF by Taitora
2 images, 2790 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
Ursaring TF by Taitora
1461 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments