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Pet Door Trouble by Taitora
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Well it's called a pet door for a reason. A black cat TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Meganium TF by Taitora
2563 views, 21 favorites, 1 comment
Maybe it's not that bad to be like this for a while.
Nubian Goat TF by Taitora
2523 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
A nubian goat TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Year of the Ox by Taitora
1996 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Hopefully living at the farm won't be so bad.
Lost In The Desert by Taitora
2099 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
He might not like his new body, but his hump will help him survive. A dromedary camel TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Dragon Tail by Taitora
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Hope people will not get scared of what I'm becoming.
Hooves (with drabble) by Sonicspirit
3580 views, 11 favorites, 0 comments
Okay, let's do this! I've started writing some drabbles to help me explore some of my kinky bullshit. So far it's mostly been pretty softcore, though I do intend to *snerk* go blue as I get more comfortable, but yeah. This is the first (and so far shortest) of the drabbles, and just a quick thing I literally wrote for myself, so, yanno, very much lacking context. But yeah, I like it, and wanted to share. I joked about this with an uber cropped cut-out of the eyes on Twitter, but YUP. I FINALL...
Parrot Problems by Blacksheeptfs
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So happy Jeanette and I found each other, she is going to write an amazing story about this on DA 🦜
Don’t Forget Friendship is Magic by Wereskunk
3765 views, 15 favorites, 2 comments
It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve drawn anything pony related. The 9th of Octransfur is Friendship so figured this would be perfect opportunity to draw MLP stuff. It’s been so long since I drew pony stuff a certain pony used her magic to remind me what true friendship is and how truly magical it can be much to my surprise. Be kind I’m out of practice drawing My Little Pony
Magical Misfire by OliviaZ
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Matilda was trying to practice a new spell even though she was told it was dangerous, and little did she know, this spell has a high backfire rate. This is something I drew like years ago so it's probably not of the highest quality lol.