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Cervine Treatment [COM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Derby - bouncy faun gal TF!
RAV-IN by ThirdFloorChord
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Congratulations linker2 (! You were NOT in the control group! Unfortunately, current experimental samples of experimental drug RAV-IN turn test subjects into a CROW and NOT a raven (as intended). An asset recovery specialist will be along shortly to escort you to our nearest facility, so we can figure out why exactly that happened. We apologize for the inconvenience. Do not make us get out the nets.
NOCTURN-OL by ThirdFloorChord
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On the packaging it says it's supposed to take 15 minutes - but at minute 9, things appear to be ahead of schedule if anything! On the back, it also says - SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: 1. Permanent Hair Loss 2. Insomnia 3. Hoot 4. Pellet (?) 5. Intense craving for mouse 6. Egg (???) WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT GIVE TO PETS. MAKE SURE SMALL PETS ARE IN A SECURE LOCATION BEFORE INGESTING. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM DOSAGE PROCEDURE PRESCRIBED ON LABEL. DO NOT TAKE WITH F...
new hormones by mlexi
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Well I finally got my hormone raise and... WTH?
Charizard TF by Taitora
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Free Kitten by Taitora
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I hope someone could adopt me
Hospital Testing by Trevor_Fox
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Commission for werewolf2045 on FA! He was due for a check-up, but he was led to a room in the hospital with no windows and completely disrobed. This didn't seem normal. Oh, how soon he'd find out how unusual it was!
Public Service Announcement by Hukeng
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Winners don´t do durgs.
Drug Trial by Niche
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Old Drawing "Are you depressed? Do you find it difficult do get up in the morning, find life tedious and unfulfilling, or just plain boring? If you are experiencing all, some, or none of some of these symptoms, then we have good news for you! Introducing Laughitoloft, a new antidepressant clinically proven to elevate mood and improve quality of life. Not a single participant was unable to keep a smile off his face, and soon even the sourest of subjects couldn't control his laughter! Side effect...
Sick as a dog by Kitsunefan
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Because I am and I took shiny coat pills instead of cold ones Oh well arf