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cbrusalka by Currerbell
17639 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
A variation on the little mermaid theme, from the opera by Dvorak.
cbgreekmermaid by Currerbell
19502 views, 44 favorites, 7 comments
A watercolor experiment I did--I rather like how the legs turned out :)
cbmer by Currerbell
12750 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
Part of a mermaid sequence I'm working on--one of my friends wanted to see some TFs in period costumes :)
cbriverreduced by Currerbell
25498 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
Scene from a story I was thinking of writing: a young knight of the cross encounters an enchanted spring and is changed into a river god from the days of yore.
two by Juanvaldez
23590 views, 51 favorites, 3 comments
Just doodling, but, do mermaids have natural enemies?
mermaidcopic by ShadowsMyst
39834 views, 284 favorites, 7 comments
Got some Copic markers and decided to give them a go. One of two 'playthings' that I did with the markers. Woman to mermaid.. nice skirt eh?
punkmermaid by Carillon
14309 views, 50 favorites, 0 comments
the last of my punk mermaids
cbseaweed by Currerbell
23511 views, 54 favorites, 0 comments
What happens when you let the seaweed get out of control...
mertrans by ShadowsMyst
33933 views, 124 favorites, 3 comments