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Dragon Werewolf Part by Danwolf
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Comission for Kyridos Who said werewolf curses are for humans only ? Pfft. Don't be ridicolous *smirks*
Ontherise Copy by Juanvaldez
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Full moon On the Rise.
Hhint by CaliforniaKitFox
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Helpful Hint #4 - Never roll in things others wouldn't roll in
Month After. by DstRoy
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For the past month, the scar under his bandage had an itch. For the past month, his mind wandered into the wilderness. For the past month, he was travelling in a mist. Until, he received his first kiss from the moon. Happy halloween! :D This was a "quick sketch" or "a practise", but it turned out as a finalized piece after all. But I'm pretty happy how it turned out. :) And even though my skills in canines is.. Well, bad. This however.. Not that bad I think. I guess luck was on my side....
Moonchild by Maglot
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"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls." -George Carlin It just so happens that December 12, 1981, I was born under a full moon. I used to stare up at my mistress, wondering what powers she might bestow me when the time was right. I listened carefully, and got my answer when I was 13. She howls alright, and now, so do I. Rawr. >:) Background used with permission by and
changeIII by Silver557
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'Nother one. Mainly practicing fur and crazy coloring, while talking to a certain person. xD. Who ever said everyone has to get scred/crazy/mad after changing? >:3
Mscgts by CaliforniaKitFox
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Rule #3 - Friends don't let friends drive 'morphed
shammarays by CaliforniaKitFox
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Gamma Rays, Shamma Rays
Submission -Old Wolf TF- by TimidTabby
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"That time of the month, but with a supernatural twist. Never expected to run into a honest to real Werewolf, more so to have survived being attacked. At least it turns out we don't becoming killing machines with no souls like in the movies and stories, so it still perplexing why that wolf had to pounce and bite me that night. Because of it; now, I go through the same curse every month. I think I'm becoming more accustomed to it than I ever imagined, stripping down to my flesh even befor...
cbwolf by Currerbell
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By the light of the moon...