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Howl by Silver557
5987 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
Randomness. Waiting the bus in a hot weather. Run along, nothing here >_>
Liam Lycos by Wrathofautumn
8698 views, 42 favorites, 11 comments
Liam Lycos, a werewolf character, completes his transformation into his werewolf form and rests on a slab of sandstone, contemplating his new situation.
Moon of Blood by Wrathofautumn
18193 views, 46 favorites, 15 comments
The dragon tf I posted earlier has now been colored! And now...behold as beneath a bloodstained moon and starlit night, within the ring of Stonehenge, how an occultist ritual long shall give birth to a god.
WereVixen-s by Tim-Kangaroo
14280 views, 72 favorites, 17 comments
Another image from the archives: a cover illustration for an imaginary story, "Curse of the Werevixen."
Night Wolfess by Silver557
12415 views, 111 favorites, 7 comments
...Boredom strikes me again >_> This time I was alzy to even clear out the pencil sketch...oh well. And yeah, that's a wolfess, I just don't make them looking like porn stars XD
New Life by Silver557
12554 views, 62 favorites, 6 comments
Kinda old...and rushed >_>. Character from a story in his new role of being the hunter >3
lupine c by Carillon
19743 views, 70 favorites, 11 comments
No, I´m not dead yet, and for this site is called "tranfurrrrr" i thought i could come up at least once with a transformation that has some fur in it ;) I´m not quite satisfied with how the shoes pop open (it´s a bit hard to identify the shoes themselves) but i like the like the comic style very much.
lupine by Carillon
5864 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
So you can color it, too ;)
sittingwwgirl by GeckzGo
21717 views, 104 favorites, 5 comments
I just watched Cursed, so I was in a werewolf girl mood :) if you want to try coloring this, email me and I will send you a high res copy. I will eventually do my own colors too, but probably not for a little while.
Ambrose by Harliban by Harliban
8670 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
An older image of Ambrose done for Arania. I always imagined that the shift would be such a spiritual experience that the subject would fall into a trancelike state and become enthralled with the moon. I really wanted to convey a tremor-like howling just as he completes his transformation.