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sergeiwolf by Mirandaleigh
20872 views, 64 favorites, 3 comments
That's faux fur..... totally. Oh Charlie, get the hell out of there, he'll eat you alive!
Little Red FINISHED sm by Arania
20433 views, 158 favorites, 24 comments
or 'My What Big Teeth I Have" :). I've been working on this piece on and off for the past few weeks alongside commissions - It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, finally sketched back in March, and just recently made the time to actually color.
NightWere by Silver557
13619 views, 157 favorites, 11 comments
A pic back from february...It's the second most favorited pic in my DA site, so I'll try posting it here too ^^ By the way, thanks for the welcomes =)
TFComic by Silver557
3 images, 39679 views, 229 favorites, 18 comments
New artist around...>.> I did this sequence for a friend the other day, I think it looks good...I just forgot to change the filename >.>"
ambroseshock by Harliban
14078 views, 60 favorites, 7 comments
This image was done for a contest ran by Arania and is of her character, Ambrose, shifting violently in his bedroom.
Werewolffin by Martin
8740 views, 20 favorites, 6 comments
Hayo...A little Comission for a pal of mine. He wanted to see my take on a werewolf. From my school of thought a werewolf is more of a forced transfromation, not pleasurable, a curse as it where. It's a little ape-ish and nasty but was a human at one point. Oh and it's a bit big...sorry about the image size <:(
Hhint by CaliforniaKitFox
13139 views, 19 favorites, 5 comments
Helpful hint: Always bring enough treats for everybody.
GWPage by BlackRat
4 images, 107508 views, 871 favorites, 40 comments
Girl to werewolfy wolf lady person comic commission. Was a really fun order to do for some reason. Also learned alot about comics and coloring while working on it. Things I learned on this comic I've used on nearly every picture since. Microns photoshop and Painter. Also DRAW!
MadFullMoon by CaliforniaKitFox
12955 views, 24 favorites, 10 comments
The full moon rises, the World goes mad
werewolftf by Tamen
2 images, 53042 views, 232 favorites, 29 comments
Werewolf commish for Arania