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WELL this is awkward... by ReddishMaroon
2 images, 36643 views, 331 favorites, 25 comments
I'm a fan of post-tf stuff, some extra story or character interaction after some unexpected or expected transformation. i think it's as exciting or interesting as the tf itself!! (CONTINUATION because yes.)
Trade- Werekat-Meow pg by Silver557
2 images, 36477 views, 109 favorites, 7 comments
Trade with Werekat-Meow on DA, that I got overcreative and did two pages going comic-ish. Been so long I uploaded anything here...>_>
Racheal the Werebat by Shiro
35850 views, 153 favorites, 8 comments
A werebat TF via a little lunar light...
halloweenpreview by Kuma
35313 views, 202 favorites, 23 comments
So yeah..Been a rainy halloween for me this year, but was in a pretty artsy mood. Been working on this steadily all day, though It seems it wasn't gonna be done in time before the day is officially over (and yes, total Soul Eater rip off, I know), so thought I'd post a little preview for now. Not sure if this counts towards the artist challenge thingy...Happy halloween!
wishing by Loboleo
33141 views, 170 favorites, 5 comments
Here...a wishing to the moon, the effects start to happening on her...
on the lone prairie by Angrboda
32372 views, 355 favorites, 10 comments
commission. basic were-coyote type thing.
Lucern Commission by Narubi
10 images, 30367 views, 182 favorites, 10 comments
10 pg BW sequence for Lucern on DA! Now complete :)
moondaughtercover by WolfenMoondaughter
3 images, 30308 views, 56 favorites, 4 comments
1st Moondaughter form
Like Bummer by CaliforniaKitFox
29383 views, 89 favorites, 2 comments
Like... Bummer!
werewolf commish by Gryf
27550 views, 95 favorites, 1 comment
Werewolf commission.