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Aerobatics by Spacecat
6 images, 20426 views, 146 favorites, 15 comments
A commission for morghus, where he is out one night for a stroll, and weirdness suddenly happens! I love bats so much. They are so awesome <3 I am open for commissions for these. If i'm full I can put you on a wait list and contact you when i'm ready :3
werepoodle by Tim-Kangaroo
20356 views, 41 favorites, 12 comments
ARTIST CHALLENGE: Presenting the most unfortunate were-creature of them all -- THE WERE-POODLE!!!
aw-werelion by AlphaWolf
20202 views, 57 favorites, 1 comment
Inspired by GoldenMane's great lion TF sequence
Uncontainment by Rex_equinox
6 images, 20171 views, 100 favorites, 6 comments
Commisioned Work that involved myself choosing two of a list of characters supplied and an outcome for the TF. Commisioned by Wrathofautum on Furaffinity.
Full Moon by Altered
8 images, 19936 views, 96 favorites, 1 comment
From 2015, a demon werefox takeover TF for Foxlightning
nightmare by KelvinTheLion
19863 views, 48 favorites, 5 comments
Moonlight returns the Nightmare to his true form. A nightmare is an evil horse with a mane and tail made of flames.
Moon of Blood by Wrathofautumn
19849 views, 46 favorites, 15 comments
The dragon tf I posted earlier has now been colored! And now...behold as beneath a bloodstained moon and starlit night, within the ring of Stonehenge, how an occultist ritual long shall give birth to a god.
8 Stage Werewolf Commission by Janexas
9 images, 18825 views, 201 favorites, 6 comments
For Inked Commission
The Two Tails of the Blue Moon by Jakkal
4 images, 18672 views, 98 favorites, 6 comments
Transformation Comic Commission for Slyfox6414 of FA. This is his character Corey Volpe, taking on his kitsune form due to the light of the full moon. This was the result of a special TF Werecreature auction. I do not normally do this for commissions. Slyfox6414 was the second highest bidder. Instead of having another auction, I offered to do the comic for him if he matched the highest bid. Original auction information here:
Werebat by Chrysalis
5 images, 18405 views, 104 favorites, 12 comments
A series of drawings I did last year and only recently finished coloring. Drawn in pen, colored in Photoshop. As always, comments and questions are welcome!