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Don't Eat the Cheese! by ChaseTheFox
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I guess I should've listened. :x
Yoga Mouse by KrazyIvan
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Getting into shape was one of Jennifer's goals for the year. She found losing weight easy but she couldn't explain why her belly grew rounder while her clothes seemed to fall off of her after each session. Her trainer insisted that this just meant her regime was working...
July sketch compilation by KrazyIvan
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Some of the things i've been upto this month.
To Dye For by Trevor_Fox
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Comic commission for Vinomath on DA and FA! He wanted me to dye his hair, so I tried to give him my style. It rubbed off on him more than I could have imagined, and now she wants to give me a makeover, too! Hoo boy. This was actually a story that Vinomath wrote for his Twinning Extravaganza event and included me in. You should give the stories there a read!
Patreon Sneak-Peak - Gadget Hackwrench by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Lately, I started working on a new comic based on my Shaga Universe and a surprise that I I started uploading last week! Don't miss it out, it will be awesome! It will includes TG, SW, TF and Shortstacks, all animated! ;-) Also, if you want to help me a bit : I lost a lot of patrons (nearly one third with the Covid)! So, any newcommer is more than welcome! Even if I...
Not Again! for MTM25 by Sonicspirit
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Just a quick TF TG sequence for MTM25 on Picarto of his Mobian mouse Matt, just having gotten some clothes he likes for his new mouse form suddenly transforming further into a girl, and pretty much drawing the line there! I feel ya, bud. Binders suck. Top surgery ftw! And, uh...socks are the traditional go-to no-budget packer, not so much bananas. Just an FYI. My Patreon:
Magic Mouse Mishap by Dondedun
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That feeling when you try to impress the girl you like with magic but accidentally cast the wrong spell and turn yourself into a mouse
Hospital Testing by Trevor_Fox
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Commission for werewolf2045 on FA! He was due for a check-up, but he was led to a room in the hospital with no windows and completely disrobed. This didn't seem normal. Oh, how soon he'd find out how unusual it was!
Belittled by frankenJade
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A haughty young woman talked down to the wrong witch, now she's really been taken down to size! Oh well, now she can begin climbing the social hierarchy of the local mice. They're always looking for new females to join their ranks.
Bethany - Enjoying the Process - Mouse Transformation by AceComix
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Bethany's favorite part of her transformation was seeing her tail appear.