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dog by NNBTK
2 images, 12165 views, 85 favorites, 3 comments
hadn't drawn tf for a bit so i decided to change it up a lil
ferret by NNBTK
2 images, 11491 views, 84 favorites, 1 comment
'nother redo
Healing Ward by Tgwonder
18097 views, 71 favorites, 2 comments
I'm pretty sure it's some kind of rare illness. =3 <3 ~tgwonder
Shadow Possession by WhenWolvesCryOut
2 images, 14372 views, 67 favorites, 1 comment
Multi-month patreon reward for Trollingwolf. A shadow wolf creature with displacerbeast inspirations. The idea transformation type was inspired by the song "fourty-six & 2" by Tool. This will have a fifth, colored image, in the near future. Provided my work schedule doesn't get even more hectic, with everything going on right now.
Commission-Howling She-wolf by Fringedog
7010 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Onom on Furaffinity
Livestream Doodle #8 by Tgwonder
9063 views, 55 favorites, 0 comments
"She always wanted a six pack... so we added some fur as well. who's laughing now?" - Management
[CM] Katheln's Potion by Inkblot
16111 views, 53 favorites, 4 comments
a commission for my good friend Jesoran ( he wanted his oc Katheln tfing into a snake beast of sort. i don't really know what to call it to be honest... with this, i will be working to make a tf commission sheet. being a friend, jes got a little preview at the prices and was able to jump on the opportunity.
Sphynxish. by Splice
8971 views, 37 favorites, 4 comments
Feels good man.