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Vibing by Sonicspirit
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Still figuring out the new tablet! This was fun, I started it hanging out with friends at New Years' this year, while we were chilling in the hotel room listening to music, which seemed like a fun TF trigger. Bonus Starburst just cuz!
Lostcat461 Roo TF by Binturongboy
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Commission for Lostcat461 on FA. I love kangaroo tf
Hunters' Chorus by Niche
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Old drawing, tf into a fox due to a song magically calling a hunting pack in need of quarry.
COMMISSION Roar by ReddishMaroon
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comm for @ihddn!!
Kaerwyn: Most Dangerous Game by Jakkal
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I totally forgot that I drew these pics. I'm not even sure if I ever showed them to the players. Anyway, these comics are from an actual plot in the public RP that we did in 2008ish. (We do plots in the RP just like we do for the comic for our RPers to have fun with). So basically this was an introduction comic I did for it to start it off. Looks like I didn't quite ever finish it. Not sure if I ever will, but there's enough here to qualify for posting it. I think. Basically in this pl...
must have lost the group by Angrboda
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Sequence commission for lostcat. Try not to get lost in the museum next time I suppose :D