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volfen by Rae
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Funny, I thought crosses were supposed to PREVENT stuff like that... This was a commission for volfen stu. Hopefully he enjoys it.
weresilverena by Silverhyena
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Sorry I have not uploaded anything new in so long. I'm very busy during the Christmas Season. Well...this here is just me releasing my inner hyena, my inner beast. Things are fun during Christmas time...but they can get stressfull and sometimes I just...blow up.
cind by Luciusappaloosius
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"Halloween Cinderella": a commissioned illustration for a story in ANTHRO #19 (http://
Ivytocooshee by Silverhyena
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Well, I decided to do my other D&D char, Ivy, an elven ranger, turning into her favorite animal, the cooshee, or elven hound. Maybe she should have let someone look at the cooshee amulet before she put it on...
Cowgirl by Fenchurch
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Time for a happy cow transformation! Sometimes people dig up little charms they find with metal detectors, and get unexpected (if not unwelcome) results! This is a months old pic I touched up and recoloured, thought it was good enough to post!
Desert Secret by Fenchurch
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A lone walk in the desert is all well and good, just be careful about what you pick up. Those nagas think they have the perfect body, and they're not averse to sharing it through "gifts" they leave throughout the rocks and shifting sands!
Rhino Necklace by Fenchurch
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Ah, I do love my cursed artefacts! I wanted to draw something with a bit more "action" in it, and rhinos are an occasional fixation for me...
Rabbit TF by Cayuga
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divesuit mermaid by Yapi
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Another piece commissioned by Phil Velasquez. A diver gets hold of an enchanted necklace that turns her into a mermaid along with her diving suit.
Cursed by Silver557
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Uh...self-explanatory u.u