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Orca Swimmer by PickleJuice
14991 views, 90 favorites, 6 comments
She transformed while snorkling. Her suit suffered the consequences. Weep for the poor swimsuit. Weep, weep, weep. Updated version of an old pic I made on Transfur a long time ago.
Pool toying around by Xids
12358 views, 85 favorites, 4 comments
A commission for doryuu. Seems he forgot his pool toy...wait no he didn't ^__^
First-Person Orca TF by Ciervo
14525 views, 83 favorites, 8 comments
A quick sketch based on a suggestion by @thistle :)
Dragoniade Orca TF Sequence by Ciervo
5 images, 20756 views, 81 favorites, 4 comments
So, back in fall 2011 Dragoniade commissioned me to do an orca TF for him... and I'm finally getting around to finishing it! Frame one done in graphite; frames 2 through 5 in charcoal :)
New Orca™ Integration Wetsuits! by Ciervo
2 images, 12560 views, 80 favorites, 2 comments
With this new design, you'll feel like you have a totally new skin! --- Image suggested by Tos that took root in my brain last night and demanded to be drawn first thing after awaking. Leg merger. First time I've drawn that.
Day at the beach by Tincrash
9378 views, 78 favorites, 5 comments
Simple Orca TF
An Inconvenient TF by Artist-Guy
17009 views, 78 favorites, 4 comments
There's no man-bear-pig so I think we're all ultimately safe. A message by concerned childrens advertisers; mind the bump.
Orca tf ATF by Gillpanda
12791 views, 77 favorites, 2 comments
From anthro to feral! and loads of weight! Commission for Mysticorca
Land Whale by Splice
10638 views, 71 favorites, 2 comments
This is my half of the OC with @Ciervo. The species i landed upon was an orca.
Trident Trouble - Merge by Ametf
19218 views, 70 favorites, 2 comments
Commission work. A magical trident causes problems for Ealadubh and Pheagle