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Dragon Out by ArcticFFFox
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Car Troubles by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Commission for Mr.Nibz on Fa. Their character Rachael having some car trouble as they go through some sudden transformation and growth. She'll just have to get a bigger car. One that fits a near 9' anthro.
TF doodles by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Decided to sketch these up, since I haven't done much for transformation art recently. A bit sketchier than i normally do, but I wanted to see how it'd come out. When I sketched this originally, i wanted to sketch some tf types I didn't normally do. So you have a zap, a werewolf change, and a willing/happy change.
Game Night by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Anonymous commission. Seems the red panda in the middle, a newly appointed 'goddess of games' is still a bit inexperienced at controlling her new powers. Her friends' new looks being evident of that. Supporters on my Patreon get to see finished artwork 3 days early:
Dyin' to be a Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Commission for Charrburn on FA!
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
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Based on a true story.
My Way to Relax by ArcticFFFox
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Still can't get entirely used to the feeling of a muzzle pressing my face forward. Guess I'll be sleeping in animal form tonight. --- Self-indulgent transformation doodle after Clip Studio paint crashed while I was working on another drawing and lost the entire file. :c Made the post-transformation shot into a neat little wallpaper.
Dream or Nightmare by TimidTabby
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"The pain intensifies throughout my entire body, sickly snaps and pops of bending and stretching bone and flesh pounding as heavily in my inhuman lengthening animal ears as my screams and growls bellowing from my misshapen protruding muzzle and carnivorous fangs. But the pain is more of an afterthought, my senses disturbingly being filled with primal euphoria as every little detail of my human form twists and contorts; shapeshifting into the monstrous wolf I am becoming. Shallow heaves shift ...
Were-Centaur-Wolf #2 by Viergacht
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For this week’s Werewolf Wednesday, it’s the return of everyone’s favorite abomination, the were-centaur-wolf. Aka “how Lew tortures himself with too many limbs and anatomy that makes no sense”. A centaur who was bitten by a werewolf, or a werewolf who was bitten by a centaur . . . or a wolftaur who was bitten by a horse, or a really unlike guy who was bitten by a werewolf AND a werehorse . . . who knows? There’s a naughty version of this, but eh . . . . you don’t wanna see it.
Stray cat by Taitora
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Travel to work as usual, But today there is something a little unusual