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The hyena perfume by Danwolf
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A comic sequence I've been working for a year with huge pauses. (That's why the style looks improved on the last one) Dan searching for a potion and found an another dangerous one. This is the last page for now...if a lot of people want to me to continue it,maybe I will soon :3
La Femme Again by Virmir
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"WAIT! Don't touch--" *POOF* Doodle for LurkingWolf. ;)
Enchanted Fragrances by MageOmega
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(finally done after sketching it 2 months ago... 4+ hours of coloring work) "Jennifer always loved to smell good. Buying all the newest brand name fragrances whenever she can. But she never expected to find the upcoming "novo mephitis " in a backwater mom and pop antique store! She hurriedly tries some on as soon as she gets it home and out of the box, but soon realizes that she should have paid more attention in latin class in high school..."
perfume by Tamen
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Another commish, TF to skunk via perfume!