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CampigTf by Zho
4951 views, 23 favorites, 3 comments
A thing done for @Cameroo, fun!! done back in November
DraePig by Evion
25683 views, 218 favorites, 36 comments
Well, this is likely one of the oddest TF pictures to be seen here in a good while. It's hard to explain, really. XD I was doodling whatever I felt like, and happened to be drawing my Draenei from World of Warcraft, but then I wanted to do some kind of facial TF stuff with expression... and this kinda came out. >.>; So yes, Draenei and a polymorph spell, most likely... no, it won't be a sequence.
misspiggy by Mirandaleigh
16022 views, 82 favorites, 4 comments
Miss Piggy, for lack of a better name =)
BoarTrans by Edmol
16502 views, 59 favorites, 7 comments
The wild pig
eala pig by Hyenashifter
12878 views, 34 favorites, 3 comments
Pig Transformation for Eala! Originally, Circe was in here somewhere...but refused to be drawn in a way that didn't *ahem* suck. So I abused the color-dodge tool again. ;) Sorry, Eala! Hope you still like it.
pig by Kanada
9907 views, 45 favorites, 1 comment
You are what you eat, bacon boy...
comesque by Ealadubh
8924 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
Gift tribute image for Myron Comus. Prescient too, since he'd just updated when I finished.
pigout by Liger
13145 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
Pig Out! All you can eat at the Soda Shop!
ffmpig by MrF
4169 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
is he a farmer that started to change or is he a favored pig that started to walk upright?
pig Transformation by SolidAsp
91020 views, 286 favorites, 12 comments
This pic was a commission for great person by the name of CrimzonSky.