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pig Transformation by SolidAsp
92370 views, 287 favorites, 12 comments
This pic was a commission for great person by the name of CrimzonSky.
HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
42785 views, 260 favorites, 23 comments
For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...
DraePig by Evion
26010 views, 220 favorites, 36 comments
Well, this is likely one of the oddest TF pictures to be seen here in a good while. It's hard to explain, really. XD I was doodling whatever I felt like, and happened to be drawing my Draenei from World of Warcraft, but then I wanted to do some kind of facial TF stuff with expression... and this kinda came out. >.>; So yes, Draenei and a polymorph spell, most likely... no, it won't be a sequence.
Animation: Transformation Marathon by Chrysalis
33815 views, 181 favorites, 20 comments
WARNING: LARGE ANIMATION FILE. An animation I made back in 2010. Some of you have probably seen it before. I rendered it again recently, now that I have a more powerful computer and a more recent version of Photoshop, which means that I can make it more than 300 pixels wide. Unfortunately, I still can't get rid of the pixellated dithering effect. It seems to be a GIF thing. This took just over a month in Photoshop. I started with thirteen pencil sketches of different creatures, scanned t...
The Pig Witch by HamsterToybox
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EDIT: It is complete! Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, who apparently never learns to stay away from magical people and objects XD I don't get to draw women very often, and drawing this has made me want to draw loads of pin-up girls. I'm going to be uploading this as I make it, to avoid the weeks of silence then the sudden art dump! Commission info here: http://hamstertoybox.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Status-Open-576126220
passing witch by Binturongboy
6 images, 23046 views, 98 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for ealadubh featuring me! :3
Bacon Faces by Jakkal
2 images, 17695 views, 91 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @ealadubh of himself getting turned into a pig due to a nosering that was forced on him. He doesn't seem to mind in the end.
Pig TF by Gillpanda
13204 views, 88 favorites, 4 comments
A nice picture of a guy becoming a pig.
Such a pig by Binturongboy
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I believe this to be my first pig TF I've done and I still really like how it turned out.
misspiggy by Mirandaleigh
16201 views, 83 favorites, 4 comments
Miss Piggy, for lack of a better name =)