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Otter Dance! by Strawberrytfs
19 views, 0 favorites, 0 comments
(First post, test post!) A trade I did with LillyVaine over on FA ^^
The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding by Sonicspirit
14 images, 52492 views, 44 favorites, 32 comments
You can see the prologue here: And the comic's website:
Becoming Cow by Dondedun
1967 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Flat commission for wmm_ebooks on twitter of their 'sona becoming cow
Feeling Fishy by Breezes
4037 views, 72 favorites, 6 comments
is there a tag for "TFing while unaware" or "TFing in bliss"? cause that's what this is
Cursed Collar by Dondedun
1837 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Cursed items aren't always a bad thing!
[CM] Getting an Upgrade by Dondedun
3543 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Shapeshifter499 of their OC, Ransu, enhancing his shape shifting powers through nano machines
A Cow Kind of Day by Dondedun
1761 views, 18 favorites, 0 comments
Sometimes when you have rough day you just need to turn into a cow and let your problems slip away! --------- Yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day and here is some art, appreciating cow
[CM] Maroon by Dondedun
2006 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for maroon_kl on twitter ____________________________ There's still commission slots open as of the posting of this btw
The Hand That Pats You by Dondedun
4088 views, 52 favorites, 3 comments
You know that classic saying, "Don't bite the hand that pats you or it will glow green and pat you until you are a cat!"
A Sweet Treat by Sonicspirit
6038 views, 30 favorites, 6 comments
Woo-hoo! A shiny Mew TF with ice cream as a trigger! Yeah, I know, strawberry, or even neopolitan or something would be a better choice...but damnit, chocolate is where it's at (I'll also accept chocolate and a good strawberry, but, yanno, drew chocolate just cuz). (That Mew isn't colored like the trans flag, unless it is.) (It totally is.) Really, a genderqueer or nonbinary flag palette might make the most sense--I like to think the sexless legendaries are genderqueer. BUT WHATEVER, I'...