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Moon Silver for Evroxt (TF commission) by Sonicspirit
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Alright, it's been a minute since I did one of these, and it was fun as hell! This is a commission for Evroxt on deviantArt of his human 'sona transforming into Silver. He wasn't sure whether he wanted the trigger to be an injection or some sorta werewolf thing, so we said "Why not both?" I love willing TFs. Willing TFs give me life.
Another Happy Werewolf by HamsterToybox
4840 views, 35 favorites, 4 comments
My favorite TFs are when they're happy, or else I feel a bit sorry for them! So he's getting ready for a night out mauling people. No wonder he's in a good mood. Commissions in this style are available. A picture like this would cost $95. More info: :)
[Commission]When gryphons meets wereravens by Fringedog
4798 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Onom! I guess this is what happen when a Snow Owl/Snow Leopard anthrogryphon has an encounter with wereravens?
[Commission]-Corvid Hulk by Fringedog
4697 views, 24 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Kiry
Fluffy Robear by WhenWolvesCryOut
4677 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Tftg Lineart Commission for someone on deviantart
YCH4-The Relic by Fringedog
4549 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
YCH Commission for kikahota
[Commission]-Silverback werewolf by Fringedog
4451 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Onom! --- For those interested in my artwork, my commissions and Patreon infos are in my profile :)
Super Moon by Sonicspirit
4351 views, 12 favorites, 2 comments
^_^ I love doing TFs, and this was a super (heh, Super) cool idea. Nikkigamer on deviantART has been supporting me over there for years, and is always sure to comment, and I wanted to give her something to show my appreciation. She's pretty rad. So yeah! A Super Sonic TF with the moon as a trigger! The name wrote itself! I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early!:
Tail by Taitora
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Playing with your own tail feels so weird and great at the same time
Don't Worry, Be A Frog by Dondedun
4024 views, 16 favorites, 2 comments
When things get rough just become a frog!