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Cow Mondays: Cael by Robertge
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A strange happening seems to be going on! Monday's are the days where a strange phenomenon occurs, in mostly males. This phenomenon being that their gender's are switched for the day, their species swapped to that of a cow's! No one understands how or why it works, but most don't care and just grope themselves anyways. caelthunderwing on FA hasn't changed genders, but she has put on some pounds! The transition from flammie to curvy bovine did a number to her wardrobe but she doesn...
Kappy Sequence by WhenWolvesCryOut
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A commission I've owed someone for a while now.
Emeralds Keep Falling On My Head by Sonicspirit
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Because transformations are good, and emeralds just falling out of nowhere is totally a Thing now. Yup. Why not? I was feeling pretty restless and trapped with the quarantine and dysphoria. Still am, but this kinda helped. I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early!
Purple Reptile -Dragon TF- by TimidTabby
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Back with another quick post. Random stranger feeling the draconic beast surfacing to boiling heights, too late to get out of his clothes before his mass, wings, tail, and spines start to tear at the fabric. Doesn't look like it bothers him all that much though.
Going for an Upgrade by Sonicspirit
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So hopefully this will be the start of a series! I wrote the below short story before FurSquared, after making the Weeping Robot Inn Con Suite sign! I really wanted to work with some of the ideas I had drawing Gazzy's sona and mine, particularly since his sona is canonically 6 feet tall, and I wanted my dude to be able to move quadrupedally as well as bipedally, and to stand about 3 feet tall on his hind legs. I love the size contrast, and liked extrapolating how that would be specifically desig...
Throw a ring at me! by WhenWolvesCryOut
3372 views, 33 favorites, 5 comments Patreon reward for malt8 on deviantart
No More Harm No More Pain by Samarline
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Baldhead make an abrupt inhumane scream, then fell on his side. He instinctively pulled his own now fully formed tail to himself in and curled around himself. He started to sob, tears running down his now scaly cheeks. The pain was unbearable at this point. God, he wished he just died already! Not because of the pain, he was suffering long before this surreal sudden change. The physical pain he was going through was nothing in comparison to harm he was causing to all people he murdered. He becam...
Becoming Cow by Dondedun
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Flat commission for wmm_ebooks on twitter of their 'sona becoming cow
Free Kitten by Taitora
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I hope someone could adopt me
Cursed Collar by Dondedun
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Cursed items aren't always a bad thing!