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Tongue by DstRoy
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" ‘Rex’d.’ A new energy drink with the cringiest of taglines… ‘You’re about to get Rex’d.’ " Been a long while since posting here! Long story short; I had a mild depression and unhappiness with my overall life quality which resulted in an artblock. But I managed to move out to a new apartment and I have slowly started to enjoy all the stuff I used to enjoy. Music, excercise and most importantly art. And I must admit.. It feels good to be back! :) But back to the piece. I spent a lot of tim...
Dan Roach by Danwolf
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Uploading the old stuff first. Did this one two years ago. My fursona stepping into a transformative goo,he was unlucky because a curious roach did it in the same time...I wonder what are the consequences o.o
Chunk Energy by Hukeng
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Big friend juice.
Witch`s Cauldron by Hukeng
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Things like this are bound to happen when you dabble in polymorphic concoctions that are way beyond your level of expertise...
Coffee Moo by Hukeng
2249 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Side effects aside, it´s still a pretty great organic latte.