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Mislabeled Advertising - Cow TF by MageOmega
26023 views, 196 favorites, 5 comments
Story coming later. Colored during a couple streams where some VERY AWESOME PEOPLE(You know who you are) gave me some major tips to help improve my coloring and shading. I think this is one of my best pieces done so far. THANK YOU! Enjoy
Revenge of the Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
4 images, 13863 views, 143 favorites, 6 comments
A four part shaded transformation sequence for justanotherken on dA.
Neon Shift by Urbanvixen
3 images, 18858 views, 137 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Petyee.
Attack of the Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
4 images, 14349 views, 133 favorites, 3 comments
A four part transformation commission for ThePrinceOfTheNorth of FA.
The hyena perfume by Danwolf
7 images, 31450 views, 128 favorites, 18 comments
A comic sequence I've been working for a year with huge pauses. (That's why the style looks improved on the last one) Dan searching for a potion and found an another dangerous one. UPDATE : FINALLY FINISHED !
Cobra Cola Returns by SepiSnake
3 images, 14651 views, 127 favorites, 4 comments
A three part tg transformation sequence for Tomek1000 on FA
Embrace the Sea by Spacecat
3 images, 13619 views, 114 favorites, 7 comments
A comic commission for an Anon client! They wrote the script for this comic, where prisoners on a ship are transformed into various types of sea serpents. Anon left this comic at a cliffhanger, because one day they might come back and continue this comic. For now they just wanted to focus on the transformation part of it. Pretty serpents <3
Novelty TF products by Kitsunefan
3 images, 15725 views, 105 favorites, 26 comments
https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16237139/ I am selling some novelty TF products here! Comment if youre interested, if you dont have an FA account you can message me here for one.
Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
5 images, 11536 views, 103 favorites, 6 comments
Sequence commission for Tofubread on FA of him trying out a new drink.
Cobra Cola Strikes Back by SepiSnake
5 images, 11053 views, 100 favorites, 4 comments
Sequel transformation sequence commission for Umbreon07 on FA to the Cobra Cola sequence I drew for Tofubread.