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Change Beetle! by Dondedun
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Bugging a mad scientist may result in one getting bugged back
This little piggy by hogbelly
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And the farmer's son went "Wee-wee-wee..." All the way home....
a monster. by Superboo
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Turning into some eyeless beast with lots of teeth. Not quite your traditional unicorn.
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another post tf!! ISN'T UNI LIFE CRUEL HUH just trying to adding something more than just *POOF* TRANSFORMED into the images. reasons for a transformation are another thing i'm into to, sometimes it's kind of boring with the usual random tee-ef occurrence or whatever, though those can be pretty neat! I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO WHY I AM DRAWING PICTURES
COMMISSION spitting's a terrible habit by ReddishMaroon
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comm for angstskunk!! camel teefs are pretty rare!! (p neato though)