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deerteef by Jakkal
30367 views, 103 favorites, 9 comments
Now there's one thing ol' Artemis gets pissed about is huntin' on her sacred ground. But hey now he at least doesn't hafta worry 'bout hunters.
properly by Ealadubh
22447 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
Crossing the Line by everruler
10991 views, 94 favorites, 7 comments
Commissioned by Angstskunk
raccoon by NNBTK
2 images, 11070 views, 93 favorites, 0 comments
this is actually a redo as well but i never posted the original here
The Lonely Cockatoo by ToxicPhox
10198 views, 88 favorites, 2 comments
A neglectful pet owner has forgotten to pay attention to his new Cockatoo! A bit of spiteful magic never did anyone TOO much harm, right? Draw on Monstrousdoctor Oekaki by me, witch can be found right here http://www.monstrousdoctor.com/oekaki/ GO draw stuff!
Tuppermaid by RushEloc
19629 views, 83 favorites, 11 comments
Musta struck a raw nerve there. Late birthday gift for a friend.
Rootribution by RushEloc
18960 views, 83 favorites, 19 comments
I think I'm officially "that guy that draws nothing but kangaroo and alligator TFs" now. (That sound you just heard was Wanda Sykes kicking down my door.)
humming by KelvinTheLion
38690 views, 83 favorites, 8 comments
How did Kitsune know where to find his stolen talismin? He got a tipoff from this kid. As a reward he gets one wish and he wishes for more energy.
First Moon - Werewolf TG TF by Dondedun
7573 views, 83 favorites, 6 comments
Alas, he didn't know that he would also take the gender of the wolf that bit him.
You Dog by ArcticFFFox
11781 views, 82 favorites, 1 comment
Sketch commission for Bradley-the-fox on FA. This scientist's a mean one, dog. o.o