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Whale Ho! by PedestrianWolf
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A whaler who fell overboard. Its karma!
journey transf by Journey
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forgive for not having a discription for this when I posted but I just now figured how to put one on it. Anyway this is why you don't mess with fairys
Charlie by Coyoteskin
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Shoplifting by Bendzz
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Though I don't see how this can possibly DETER shoplifters, it can't be argued that it's not effective.
hippo by Greenback
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Change I by Silver557
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Pretty fast thinger done today. I was itching to do a vixen. And I'm still practicing this weird coloring. <.<
grimpoodlec by Skychaser
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"Now hear your sentence. You shall be turned into a black poodle, with a gold chain round your neck, and you shall be made to eat live coals, so that flames of fire may come out of your mouth." Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Pink
Adopt Me copy by Wrathofautumn
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Animal-Human Relations & Rehabilation Corporation is a non-profit, underground organization of genetic scientists who ignore the morals and laws set by politics and religious communities. They help find new homes for animals that need them while making humans who are cruel to them more understanding in an abstract style of permanent role reversal. This one's head appears to have gone off the deep end.
LizzycostumeSmall by Daniel-kay
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This (un)lucky fellow has learned a lesson there, if you deal with someone making magical costumes don't piss them off... at least not if you planned on taking it OFF again
TwoLitteringBoars by Zho
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This is from an oC between me and @Fenchurch. Apparently the woods dislike litter. I wasn't sure about posting it but Fenchurch said I should x3 So yeah! Wild boars rock