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Lilac's Valentine Balloon by Amethyst
18050 views, 47 favorites, 5 comments
Those chocolates had more than a cherry inside, something a bit more...filling and uplifting.
Love Potion by Amethyst
18713 views, 127 favorites, 14 comments
A transformation of a lovely maiden from a love potion. Question is, is that the result she wanted?
Lion to Bunny TF transformation by Tincrash
6 images, 17942 views, 74 favorites, 6 comments
A commission for Theo Winters
Snack Time by NNBTK
19883 views, 109 favorites, 12 comments
She eats a carrot and turns into a bunny. She actually doesn't know yet, though, the carrot tastes weird which is why she said "Odd..."
Mardi Gras by Swatcher
21776 views, 104 favorites, 14 comments
I've grown a costume to your face!
pwn star bunny by Sevencarpileup
17918 views, 286 favorites, 6 comments
A friends character transforming into a rabbit. See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at 7-car-pileup.deviantart.com
Show Stopper by PedestrianWolf
10685 views, 79 favorites, 6 comments
A commission. The rabbit was supposed to come out of the hat! >.<
brownwolf by Flinters
9823 views, 75 favorites, 4 comments
FC 2010 Sketch Commission A silly toony wolf finds himself shifting from lupine to lapine. Perhaps it was somebody he ate?
usagi by Greenback
13358 views, 82 favorites, 5 comments
Xids color by GrandStorm
10514 views, 63 favorites, 11 comments
A couple of boys, Stumble into the wrong forest and are caught by the fairy folk who live in the forest. As punishment the boys are forced to live in the forest forever as woodland critters by order of the fairy king.